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CleanSense is a complete janitorial/cleaning service that works with our customers to establish a quality cleaning program that keeps their home and business looking great at all times leaving them with a sense of clean.

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Clean, shiny and well maintained flooring can create a welcoming environment for our clients or anyone else that walks into your building. Over time however, flooring may begin to lose it's luster becoming dull and even discolored.  When this happens it is time to strip the old wax finish and apply a new coat of wax to the flooring. Not only does this make your flooring shine, but it more importantly protects it.

CleanSense has an experienced professional team that has been stripping and waxing floors for 27 years.  We use top grade environmentally safe stripping solutions to remove old wax build-up and refinish using slip resistant high solid sealers and floor finishes, 25% or higher, to keep the floors durable and to prolong a high gloss appearance.  CleanSense also offers optional floor care programs ranging from spray buffing, burnishing to re-coating so that your floors are well maintained, easy to routine clean and look great all the time.

Our pricing per square foot is very affordable and our work is guaranteed because we want our customers to be 110% satisfied.  

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