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A Cleaning Service That Inspires A Partnership In San Diego

Since 2010, CleanSense has increased customer satisfaction and loyalty due to the professional janitorial and cleaning services we have been providing.  We believe in responsible cleaning and quality results.  This is why CleanSense Janitorial/Cleaning Services adapts a cleaning regimen that accommodates the precise needs of your home or business.  We have a trained and efficient trusted staff that are equipped with the knowledge to meet and exceed great service expectations that will not exceed your budget.  We offer a wide range of cleaning service packages at an affordable cost.  CleanSense Janitorial/Cleaning Services consistently strives to provide the most effective approach to cleaning services through the use of experience and methods that actually make a difference.

Our Values

Committed to our customers


Our professional cleaning services and experience give us the ability to provide quality service efficiently every time.



We believe that a professional cleaning service such as CleanSense, dictates a professional image and excellent customer service that will promote customer satisfaction all the time.


Senior Architect

A company is only as good as the work it performs.  CleanSense is dedicated to meeting all the expectations of our clients, so that our reputation shines as much as the areas we clean.
Licensed, Bonded and Insured